Dave Phillips - Disappear LP

Dave Phillips - Disappear LP

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disappear was born of something that ceased to be, suddenly, unexpectedly, painfully. like two mirrors that reflected too strongly and burst. the shards that were left tell a story. of a trance meeting of an insect and a flower in a self-made paradise and the resulting journey that took them towards new dimensions but was brutally cut short before these could be explored. the sun disappeared. the resulting daze looked back and saw... mirrors don’t reflect what we want to see. disappear consists of 7 pieces composed alongside a presence. the story linking the pieces unfolds when the presence disappears and the 8th, last piece of the album appears, a cleansing lament disguised as an abomination. marnować means waste in polish.composed between january 2018 and november 2019, a period also known as the berlin daze. mastered by riccardo mazza. dedicated to agata.


Label: Total Black

Genre: Experimental / Avant-Garde / Noise

Release: 2021

Edition: 300 copies