C.C.C.C. - Polygon Islands CD

C.C.C.C. - Polygon Islands CD

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The Polygon Islands 7” was orignially released in a sparse edition
of 85 copies on Austrian label Syntactic in 1998. The twin force of
Mayuko Hino (theremin, electronics) and Hiroshi Hasegawa (synthesizer)
here somehow manage to sound more grandiose and fierce than ever,
despite the stripped down lineup. Those who have heard their duo
pieces from the phenomenal Rocket Shrine CD (Test/Creativeman Disc, 1997)
have a hunch of what they're in for. Otherworldly harsh psychedelia.
Filling out the rest of this disc is yet another Hino/Hasegawa rager,
a 29 minute live set captured in Paris, June 9th 1997, by Romain Perrot.
All remastered by Linus Andersson at Elementstudion, Gothenburg.

Label: Usagi

Genre: Noise

Release: 2023