God Is War - ApexPredator 1.0 CS

God Is War - ApexPredator 1.0 CS

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The followup EP to the first ApexPredator on Portrayal Of Guilt Records. 3 more futuristic IDM/glitch tracks that span a vast amount of various inspirations and influences. Each track was written at a different time throughout 2021 and meant to take you to places you’ve always hoped for, or always feared. Celestial drones and dramatic landscapes are found on each of the three tracks, always with an accompanying rhythm that likes to fool you into thinking it’s the same repetitive beat over and over again. The final track though I think is one of the more special and somber tracks that I’ve created. It sounds like the end of Bladerunner and the cyborg is dying slowly/his programming is failing and faltering…meanwhile all the slow jazzy drums and sounds wash over you and get lost like tears in the rain.

Label: No Rent Records

Genre: Industrial, Experimental

Release: 2022