Guilt Attendant ‎– Suburban Scum 2xLP

Guilt Attendant ‎– Suburban Scum 2xLP

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Debut album from a mysterious new operator on Hospital Productions, a fallen disciplewho grew up in a religious cult and who now makes masterfully crafted Techno and EBM modelled in the image of classic Regis, Silent Servant and Ancient Methods productions and which features recordings of sermons by the pastor he had to listen to during his religious upbringing. Suburban Scum is Nathaniel Young aka Guilt Attendant's devilishly detailed debut of girder-strength techno for Hospital Productions, forged in the image of late ‘90s hard techno and reverberating strongly with prevailing trends. It’s inspired and informed by the artist’s deeply held urge to undo the dogma instilled by his religious Christian upbringing. and, as such, it expresses a sense of free will within the context of Satan’s fall from grace, fully grasping techno’s repetitive excess as a potential path to hedonism, freedom and other ungodly matters. Limited to 300 copies. Clear Vinyl.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Industrial, Techno

Release: 2020