Knækkede Stemmer - En tid indefra CS

Knækkede Stemmer - En tid indefra CS

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Self-released limited edition cassette. Real-time dubbed, hand-assembled 2 panel j-card, label on cassette (not pictured), b/w artwork. Created in the period between 2017-2021 in various locales in Denmark, Belgium and Austria, the sound of "En tid indefra" strikes a familiar tone, but incorporates an abundance of subtle details and firsts for Knækkede Stemmer, which makes for a noticeably current expression. The isolation is tangible on the release; sounds echoing out in the distance, while others are eerily intimate, almost close enough to feel, as has been a trademark of previous work by Knækkede Stemmer. While field recordings play a decidedly significant role together with the acoustic sound sources of the 3 pieces that make up "En tid indefra", they're treated and manipulated in ways that keep them at arm's length, never truly discernible, the listener and the creator never fully within them. Marking a first for Knækkede Stemmer, instrumental sources have been provided by another artist and reworked and integrated in small ways into the tracks - in this case cello by danish artist Bjarke Rasmussen (also known as Grøn), whose music Knækkede Stemmer reworked on Grøn's Folded Expressions (Infinite Waves) release in 2020. This collaboration will be revisited on future works.

Label: Self-Released

Genre: Experimental / Musique Concrète

Release: 2021