Leila Bordreuil - Headflush LP

Leila Bordreuil - Headflush LP

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Like a blast of wind, lost in some forgotten place, Headflush is filled to the brim with emptiness. Recorded in a single afternoon in Brooklyn, New York Leila Bordreuil’s debut album, a collection of unprocessed amplified cello works, explore the limits of tonal perception. The hushed stereophonics of the album could leave the listener wondering if they were perhaps listening to amplified smoke; twisting, turning, and dancing in some strange light. Adrift and strikingly original, Headflush is the sound of the artist hidden in sound, absent in a bleak bliss.

Leila Bordreuil is a Brooklyn-based cellist, composer, and sound-artist from France. She accesses concepts as diverse as jazz, contemporary classical, noise, and experimental traditions but adheres to her own vision of sound. The New York Times has described her work as “steadily scathing music, favoring long and corrosive atonalities”. Driven by a fierce interest in pure sound and inherent texture, Bordreuil challenges conventional cello practice through extreme extended techniques and amplification methods. Her composed works frequently incorporate sound-spatialization by way of site-specific pieces and multichannel installations.

Label: Catch Wave Ltd.

Genre: Experimental, Ambient

Released: 2019