MSBR - Structured Suicide LP

MSBR - Structured Suicide LP

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REISSUE - MSBR (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor), aka Koji Tano, was one of the most respected noise artists to arise from Japan's exciting noise/experimental music scene of the 1990s. Much of his material was self-released on his own label, the astounding MSBR Records, which was dedicated to the production of limited-edition releases with incredible artwork. Structured Suicide is the third MSBR release which came out in cassette, and is a terrific undertaking into the wickedness of mechanised clatter as a foreboding, consuming pollution, the unrelenting and ever-building storm of machines slowly lulling the living into bleak states of masochistic artificiality. Recorded at K.Plank Studio. Originally released in 1992 on MSBR Records. Reissue is a limited edition of 199 copies, with cover that faithfully reproduces the style of original art work, with vinyl labels that replicates inlay tape card. 

Label: Urashima

Genre: Noise

 Release: 2021