O.R. - United States Of Autopsy 5xCS

O.R. - United States Of Autopsy 5xCS

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there are many rooms in the O.R.

solitary, duplicates, conferences, private residences, campaign offices, businesses, nightclubs, medical, tactical…

conducting deep politics isn’t limited to one cutting room…

perhaps one day you or someone you admire, someone who inspires may find themselves on the autopsy table as we have seen so many generations before… 

the wheels of the gurney and the freezer door roll and swing with speculations of the past

the identification of the body is just the first of many questions...

…this is the O.R.

will you join us in prayer inside the O.R.?

post-mortem industrial sound collage guerrillas recording to reel to reel.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Noise

Released: 2022