Prurient ‎– Time's Arrow CD

Prurient ‎– Time's Arrow CD

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A crucial companion to Bermuda Drain LP, Time's Arrow leads with its title track in extended and edited forms. It's a crisp synth-wave kicker, with oddly grooving drums and layered melodies nudging Prurient further into dance music climes than ever before. 'Maskless Face' is classic Fernow catharsis - essentially guttural screaming across a burned-out industrial backdrop - and 'Slavery In The Bahamas' harks back to Prurient's classic Black Vase set in its effortless navigation of hypnotic loops and caustic power electronics.'Let's Make A Slave (De-Shelled)' revisits one of Bermuda Drain's finest tracks, rounding out an unmissable 12" for denizens of darkness.

Label: Hydra Head Records

Genre: Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial

Release: 2011