VA - Stadsbranden 3 CS

VA - Stadsbranden 3 CS

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Compilation cassette released for the "Stadsbranden 3: Det stora oväsendet" festival in Sundsvall (organised by Styggelse), May the 12th 2018.
Throughout the past centuries it was common practice among invading forces to set fire to the cities they had invaded along the coast of Sweden, leaving in their trail only ashes and coal. The city of Sundsvall stood on fire twice - first time in 1803 and the second in 1888. It was now time for the third conflagration of this bad city. (Yes, there is also a reference to Spacemen 3 of course). The evening was curated by Styggelse and therefore we took the opportunity to invite some of our friends & collaborators.

All the material is exclusive and studio recorded for this compilation (not live from the actual festival):

Ochu: Ever since he first started recording under this name he has proven to belong among the most interesting artists in the field of Swedish experimental music. Total no-fidelity primitivism, yet he succeeds each time to shape the sound into a vile psychedelic mud leaving residue in your tape deck and inside your skull.

Alfarmania: Included here is a previously unheard 17 minute recording dedicated to the memory of our comrade D. Solander.

Young Hustlers: Two great tracks from our allies in Young Hustlers. Genuinely violent music for street people.

Treriksröset: The Daddy of Swedish Noise. We hardly need to introduce the work of Tommy Carlsson, but if you are still unaware we suggest you listen to what he has to learn.

Worth: The only foreign artist performing this evening. A project from the American gentleman William van Gorder. Brilliantly sharp and fierce harsh noise perversion pushing all limits until everything just breaks you down into submission.


Label: Styggelse

Genre: Industrial, Noise

Released: 2018