Various Artists - Receding Tides CS

Various Artists - Receding Tides CS

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What began with the ‘Surging Wavesʼ compilation in 2018, now finds its closing pendant in ‘Receding Tidesʼ, which highlights a set of compositions by Japanese based ambient veterans Corey Fuller, Hakobune, Rhucle and Marty Hicks, as well as Yuto Ohashi, who has furtively been releasing exceptional ambient works since 2015.

The initial installation in the series, ‘Surging Wavesʼ teemed with a sense of both, jubilant optimism and foreboding skepticism, and the mood on ‘Receding Tidesʼ takes on a similar note, as three years later Japanʼs ambient music scene continues to face an uncertain future, and with issues further heightened by the corona pandemic.

Each piece on ‘Receding Tidesʼ engulf the listener with a feeling of serenity, poise and contemplation, with the mood ruminating deeper into an emotionally introspective plain as one reaches the compilations final segment.

In the end, one of ambient musics great strengths lies in its remedial potential, and especially during these times of adversity, ‘Receding Tidesʼ is a true testament as to how music can set our minds free.

Label: Vaknar

Genre: Ambient

Released: 2021