Dave Phillips - To Death CD

Dave Phillips - To Death CD

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"this album is dedicated to death. not death the spectre that installs horror and fear in many (in the western world), nor death the enemy of the (western) for-profit medical system, but death as part of a cycle, like birth. death the only certainty in life. dying, like living, as something that can be done well - or not. death also something that can be a release, a relief, a liberation, the end of suffering, a freedom.

this album is inspired by my father's illness, deterioration and death, and my being his carer for the 15 last months of his life. recording this album started 6 months into that journey, from october 2020 on.
it was my father's wish to die at home, and my siblings and i granted him that wish. this album was sent off to press early june 2021, when my father found his peace."

Label: Misanthropic Agenda

Genre: Experimental

Released: 2021