Death Squad - Collected Documentation: North America & Europe 1998 - 2000 SPECIAL EDITION

Death Squad - Collected Documentation: North America & Europe 1998 - 2000 SPECIAL EDITION

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Special edition of 50 contains 2-4 original flyers, 2-4 origianl handouts,
a mini dvdr with excerpts from Lahti '98 and Toronto '97.
Items from Enacted Hostage Sequence: Audience member placard,
bag for ID items, restraints (used or unused) and a plastic bag.
Four will contain blindfolds or bandanas used for the audience
or as masks for security.


Once Death Squad had completed the 1997 tour and The Pain Factory had ended, Michael began taking on more projects. In 1998 he started a brand-new public access TV show, Fuck TV, and a Europe / North America tour with Radiosonde and Chapter 23. Continuing into 1999, Death Squad would perform one of the most controversial pieces to date, Intent (aka The Gun Show), which was followed by Enacted Hostage Sequence. Michael finished off the millennium with a near death experience in Chicago. The conclusion of Death Squad was in 2000 with another international tour ending with Closing Statements in San Francisco.

This book follows the events and documentation from these final years. With extensive decades old ephemera saved and presented, there are handouts with blood stains, flyers from international shows and photographs taken by Michael and others.  Key figures’ recollections are also included, adding their perspectives of all the events. Along with radio interviews, promotional recordings, unreleased tracks and more.

Contributions by: Scott Arford (Radiosonde), Lee M. Bartow (NTT, Theologian), J. Frede (Chapter 23), Russ Kent (KPFA, KFJC), Tomas Novak (Skrol) & Jason Quell (Quell). These artists share their first-hand accounts of performing and touring with Death Squad.

Michael Nine has been creating and performing audiovisual works for three decades. He has released close to one hundred titles and has been touring extensively since 1997. In the mid-nineties, Michael produced two public access television shows, The Pain Factory and Fuck TV, both of which were recently released for the first time on DVD. In 2001 Michael started to release material and tour under the name MK9. He is now based in Vancouver, Canada. This is his second self published book, a sequel to Death Squad - Collected Documentation 1997 North American Tour.

204 pages, softbound, in an edition of 250, three CDs and one DVD. Also included are two download codes for: Theological Genocide 25th Anniversary edition & Radio shows from the 1997 book that were only available in the special edition version.

1998 Disc One
1. Radiosonde – Promo Tour CD 1998 (6:46)
2. Chapter 23 – Promo Tour CD 1998 (13:18)
3. Death Squad – Promo Tour CD 1998 (4:02)
4. Radiosonde Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 5:26)
5. Chapter 23 Live at 7hz – San Francisco, CA 9.12.98 (Excerpt 9:13)
6. Death Squad Live – Lahti, Finland 9.26.98 (Excerpt 3:05)
7. Location Unknown – Michael on train complaining, audio from video (3:28)
8. KFJC 89.7 Radio Free Hatred – Los Altos, CA – Death Squad Interview 12.10.98 (19:19)

2000 Disc Two
1. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 6.6.99 (3:42)
2. Quell Tour Promo CD Live 9.18.98 (7:00)
3. Death Squad Live – Trnava, Slovakia 4.6.00 (28:03)
4. Quell Live – Wroclaw, Poland 4.7.00 (13:30)
5. Death Squad Live – Duisburg, Germany 4.1.00 (Excerpt 3:50)
6. Death Squad last confession before final show (12:52)

2000 Disc Three
1. KPFA 94.1 The No Other Radio Network – Berkeley, CA 7.12.00 (24:39)
Scott Arford, Kush Arora and Michael Nine interviewed by Mr. Hate
2. Death Squad – Unreleased track recorded on tour 1998 (14:14)
3. Alternate soundtrack for final show (23:00)

DVD Disc Four
1. Spoken Video 1996 (6:04)
2. Theological Genocide 1998 (50:14)
3. Apocalyptic Pathology 1996 (27:07)
4. Double Murder Suicide 1998 (51:35)
5. Final Performance Video Projection 2000 (13:12)