Garden Watcher - Fistf*ck Dark Talisman 2xCS

Garden Watcher - Fistf*ck Dark Talisman 2xCS

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abominations of dark bandages wrapped around the subject. the red cross tilted to the side where balcony banishment can begin. the moaning is barely heard above the chirping EKG emergency room vibrators applied to subject pelvic rendezvous. declared ‘sexually dead on arrival’. assaulted continually around chrome bed posts the demon inside must be set free entangled around the star of life. inspired by ultra this is power electronics and noise with shattering feedback, mindless vocals of an orderly working through the evening hours of squealing gurney wheels looping and stainless steel stereo delay tape manipulations tell a tale of a snake draining bodily fluids until the ambulance batteries need a jump. red and blue flashing lights the x-ray tells all.

packaged on oversized dyed ‘resuscitation’ board panel with colored electrical wire. digital download code included.

Edition of 59.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Noise, Power Electronics

Released: 2021