Hangman - Raging October 2xCS

Hangman - Raging October 2xCS

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it’s never too late for halloween and the hell ride of nostalgic old times. total thirdorgan style synthesized pure noise pagan worship through the perspective of a jack o' lantern. to a time calling to the potential of a defiant and jubilant art holiday pluralism of the old days when everyone’s death question was surely on display. toppling the sexy halloween and harkening back to the era of blood imagination, broken ghouls and stabbed skeletons walking through fire! for anyone who annually feels on oct 1 that ‘halloween is my religion!’ support the underground holiday season.

packaged on oversized dyed ‘ouija’ board panel with colored electrical wire. Digital download code included.

edition of 59.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Noise

Released: 2021