Hermann Nitsch - 6. Sinfonie 2xCD

Hermann Nitsch - 6. Sinfonie 2xCD

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Hermann Nitsch is an Austrian avant-garde artist who works in experimental and multimedia modes. He is a decisive founder of Viennese Actionism and is one of the most versatile contemporary artists, primarily known as an actionist, painter, and composer of symphonies and organ concerts. His Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art), the Orgieen Mysterien Theater, covers the wide range of his art by requiring the use of all five senses.

Issued in a thick double CD jewelcase with a 12-page booklet. Edition of 500 copies, March 2015. Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts, Wien Uraufführung, 1. November 1980. Isländisches Sinfonieorchester.

Label: Tochnit Aleph

Genre: Avant-Garde, Classical

Release: 2015