John Murphy - All My Sins Remembered II 2CD

John Murphy - All My Sins Remembered II 2CD

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Five years after the well received John Murphy tribute and compilation “All My Sins Remembered”, The Epicurean releases a new second volume, which covers some of John Murphy’s most evocative and penetrating work – a deeper exploration of his often haunting and challenging sound works which stand on their own terms, almost outside of time now. 

“All My Sins Remembered II” focuses on more specific areas of John's work, such as his My Father Of Serpents and Ophiolatreia solo recordings, and his early and more recent Krank and The Grimsel Path collaborations. It includes a lengthy recording by Crank from 1983 remastered from newly discovered original tapes from John's archives (known as the groundbreaking Krank 'Chaos' recordings), as well as previously unreleased and rare recordings by My Father Of Serpents and Ophiolatreia from 1987-1992. Later works include substantial contributions from Till Brüggemann, Annie Stubbs, and Jon Evans. 

Sympathetically remastered by Hunter Barr, the 2-CD set includes unpublished photos, notes by archivist Andrew Lonsdale, and presented with characteristically thoughtful The Epicurean care in design – this set is an important and considered collection of some of John Murphy's most important personal work. 

Label: The Epicurean

Genre: Industrial

Release: 2021