licht-ung - Aube CS

licht-ung - Aube CS

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In the final few years of his Aube project, Akifumi Nakajima (RIP) released several obscure works through and with the unpredictable and entertaining label/project licht-ung. This cassette is Milan Sandbleistift's tribute to a pillar of the Japanese noise/sound design community, two side-long pieces recorded using later period Aube CDRs (originally self-released on G.R.O.S.S.) as source material, with final finessing by Daniel Menche. The result is a sobbing swamp of noise electronics with strong undercurrents of Aube's rigid strictures, set with honest clarity. Cassette edition of 75 copies (the artist has released a limited LP edition of 21 copies) packaged in 6" square sleeves with layered art tributing both the artist's own photography and Akifumi Nakajima's distinctive G.R.O.S.S. design aesthetics.

Label: Cipher Productions

Genre: Noise

Release: 2020