Nape - Ten Tonne Angel CS

Nape - Ten Tonne Angel CS

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Partly distant BPM’s orbit the subconscious memory; how does one move singularly, idiosyncratically, when the tempo becomes a static force? Washed over by violent algorithmic nudges that generate new content for a niche market hellscape, compulsive LED scrolling habits, and “pristine” maximalism In composition and fidelity, where does one find a stream to mirror back their image these days? Perhaps what stares back is being avoided for a reason.

NAPE hails from London, England and offers 8 crucially crude recordings for Psychic Liberation under the title “TEN TONNE ANGEL”. Dusty headbanger loops filtered through nebulous memories of wall-flowery, inebriated party listening. Which party? Which songs? Harder to identify yet, it all feels like a blur at this point. Think of a sweet spot somewhere between the minimalist electro leanings of Frak at their best, the urgency and tactility of early Unit Moebius, and the more recent live documentation of tour sets by Enrique and Nick Klein. NAPE continues a trajectory of challenging music for a club setting, even though most don’t understand what the challenge really is.

Label: Psychic Liberation

Genre: Experimental

Released: 2021