Ninos Du Brasil - Antro Pop LP

Ninos Du Brasil - Antro Pop LP

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ninos du brasil returns with their fourth and dangerously festive album of ragged junk percussion, crushed bass and deja vu gang vocals that make you sing along to something you have never heard. expert and vast production by rocco rampino brings a new weight to the thick and invasion sequencing that pretty much wins over all those who have seen the barbaric face painted sneaker punks live.

a surprising introduction of cinematic morricone-esque guitar will break open what could otherwise be known as your dead heart. guest drums by iggor cavalera seals the deal and your fate before the confetti guns of the most brutal electro punk band’s return.

the theme continues from previous album vida eterna where ninos du brasil were attacked by vampires and sick night creatures escaping in a foggy forest.

driven into hiding and imprisoned by a wall of crawling, growing cave bats; through the despair of primordial drumming and the mantra of stalactite voices, antro pop was conceived.

edition of 666.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Techno, Industrial

Release: 2022