Prurient / Hanged Mans Orgasm ‎– Unknowns LP

Prurient / Hanged Mans Orgasm ‎– Unknowns LP

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REISSUE - Unknowns was first offered as a limited cassette bundled with a rare boxed version of 2017 Prurient album, Rainbow Mirror. Here presented on vinyl for the first time, it sees Dominick Fernow join forces with Skin Crime's Patrick O'Neill under his alias Hanged Man's Orgasm, writer Scott Bryan Wilson, and producer Kris Lapke. Text read from Rainbow Mirror story. Woodland tape loops recorded in Rhode Island, manipulated in New York. Background radiation recorded sometime in the 90s in New Hampshire. Edition of 500.

Label: Hospital Productions

Genre: Noise / Dark Ambient

Release: 2010