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AUTOBAHN is a C-90 compilation.

Total Black 200

Since we opened our physical store in Am Treptower Park in 2021, the looming threat of the A100 Autobahn construction has been growing increasingly clear. The complete removal of the sidewalk, diverted roadway, and closure of walking paths have been limiting access in a gradually growing capacity. Businesses in the area began closing - most notably the post office. Once this finishes in early 2024 - there will be a freeway exit to cross in order to obtain access to the record store. The decision was made over a year ago to move to a more suitable location.

Last week, the perfect location materialized unexpectedly, however, it required immediate action. This leaves us unprepared for the urgent and significant sum required for such a sudden move. In order to help offset the considerable expense of moving to a better, bigger location, we put together this compilation as a fundraiser. Classic format C-90 industrial ambient noise compilation, in A5 sleeve with multiple inserts. Cassettes dubbed on recycled C90s ranging from unused dead stock chrome tapes, to ferric religious sermon tapes.

Any support is highly appreciated.


Label: Total Black

Genre: Noise, Industrial, Ambient

Release: 2023