Wolf Vostell - Dé-Coll/Age Musik CD

Wolf Vostell - Dé-Coll/Age Musik CD

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Wolf Vostell was a German artist, considered one of the early adopters of video art and installation art. A founder of Fluxus, and early instigator of Happenings, Vostell used techniques such as blurring, Dé-coll/age, embedding objects in concrete and the use of television sets in his works. His approach to music brought the same techniques into sound, decomposing whole pieces into proto-noise shred and tape collages, creating pieces that remain vibrant and revolutionary to this day.

First released in 1982, "Dé-coll/age Musik" draws from material dating between the late 1950s and early 1980s. Remastered for CD at D&M Berlin. Comes in high-gloss full color 6-panel digipak with 16-page illustrated booklet.

Label: Tochnit Aleph

Genre: Experimental, Sound Art, Avant-Garde

Release: 2011